Sask. government launches cannabis survey as part of 'aggressive' legalization timeline: minister

The government of Saskatchewan launched a survey on its website about cannabis use on Friday.

Submissions for survey due by Oct. 6

The Saskatchewan government has launched an online cannabis survey as the province deals with questions around taxation, workplace health and safety, and impaired driving, says Justice Minister Don Morgan. (Tilray)

If you are 18 years or older, the Saskatchewan government wants to know what you have to say about pot.

The province launched a survey on its website Friday about cannabis use. The federal government has plans to legalize pot for recreational use by July 1, 2018, leaving it up to the provinces to regulate the sale and distribution of cannabis. 

Newly appointed Justice Minister Don Morgan said Friday that on top of these issues, the province must deal with questions around taxation, workplace health and safety, and impaired driving.

"We have a very aggressive timetable because the federal government wants to have the legislation in place for July of next year," he told reporters.

He said the review progress will be guided by four objectives: stopping the growth of the underground cannabis market, restricting minors access to pot, promoting road and workplace safety, and ensuring positive public health. 

He asked that survey submissions be in by Oct. 6. A summary of the findings from the review would be released later, Morgan added. 

The province says information gathered in the surveys will remain anonymous and be used to shape the rules for legalized marijuana.

The topics in the survey include: 

  •  Age limits on cannabis sales.
  •  Public consumption.
  •  Taxation on cannabis sales.
  •  Distribution and wholesaling.
  •  Potential retail models, locations and rules.
  •  Regulatory compliance.
  •  The enforcement of the modified impaired driving laws.

Morgan said no decisions have been made as to whether pot sales in Saskatchewan will be done through a government model, as Ontario announced Friday it is planning to do

"We haven't made any decision as to whether that would be something that would be a strong contender for consideration here. I suspect we would probably be looking at other options."

However, Morgan said he hopes for consistency across the provinces when it comes marijuana legalization.