10 candidates to watch in Saskatchewan's election

CBC asked both the Saskatchewan Party and the NDP to highlight some of their high-profile, up-and-coming contenders in this election.

5 Sask. Party candidates and 5 NDP candidates to watch on April 4

Advanced polling stations are open throughout the week from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. CST until April 2. (James Hopkin/CBC)

CBC asked both the Saskatchewan Party and the NDP to highlight some of their high-profile, up-and-coming political candidates in this campaign, excluding former cabinet ministers. 

Here are five from each of the parties.

Saskatchewan NDP

Ted Jaleta  (Regina Coronation Park) describes himself as someone who's been a "runner, prisoner, refugee, immigrant, world-class athlete, coach, leader and motivational speaker." 

After being imprisoned and tortured during Ethiopia's civil war, Jaleta came to Canada as a refugee.

He said he's spending the rest of his time here giving back as a coach of a running group as well as through the Open Door Society. 

Ted Jaleta is running for the NDP in Regina Coronation Park. (NDP)

Karen Purdy (Moose Jaw Wakamow) is a licensed practical nurse and active union member.

She was also the subject of a controversial remark by Conservative MP Tom Lukiwski, who either said he would work to help incumbent Greg Lawrence defeat the "NDP horde" running against him, or something more personal, depending who you ask.

Karen Purdy is the NDP's candidate in Moose Jaw Wakamow. (NDP)

Nicole Rancourt (Prince Albert Northcote) is a social worker who specializes in mental health services through the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region.

She is active in her union. In 2008, Nicole received the Rebel with a Cause award from the Elizabeth Fry Society for her work with women behind bars.

Nicole Rancourt is the NDP's candidate in Prince Albert Northcote. (NDP)

Nicole Sarauer (Regina Douglas Park) is a young lawyer who gave up her job at a law firm to work for a charity which provides free legal representation to those who otherwise could not afford it.

She is a school trustee as well as a volunteer with the Regina Sexual Assault Centre and the YWCA Big Sisters program.

Nicole Sarauer is the NDP's candidate in Regina Douglas Park. (NDP)

Nicole White (Saskatoon Meewasin) has been a reporter in rural Saskatchewan as well as a community activist in Saskatoon. 

She has worked with AIDS Saskatoon, served as chair of the Saskatoon Police Advisory Committee on Diversity and has volunteered with the Saskatoon Diversity Network.

Nicole White is running for the NDP in Saskatoon Meewasin. (NDP)

​Saskatchewan Party

Tina Beaudry-Mellor (Regina University) is known for her work as a teacher in the department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Regina. 

In that role, she brought many students to the Legislature to watch politics in person, by taking in the speech from the throne as well as the budget.

She also volunteers and has served as the chair of Equal Voice, a group dedicated to electing more women.

Tina Beaudry-Mellor is the Sask. Party's candidate in Regina University. (Sask. Party)

CJ Katz (Regina Douglas Park) is a business owner with a passion for the food industry.

She describes herself as "a food writer, TV cook, food stylist, photographer and storyteller."

She is host of Wheatland Cafe, a cooking show on local television.

CJ Katz is the Sask. Party's candidate in Regina Douglas Park. (Sask. Party)

Gene Makowsky (Regina Gardiner Park) is best known for his 17 years playing on the offensive line for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. 

When he wasn't in the field, he was in the classroom as a substitute teacher in Regina's public schools. Makowsky was first elected as an MLA in 2011. He lives in Regina with his wife and three sons. 

Gene Makowsky is the Sask. Party's candidate in Regina Gardiner Park. (Sask. Party)

Eric Olauson (Saskatoon University) has been on Saskatoon's city council since 2012, where he is not afraid to vote against the majority whether it's to oppose a smoking ban or mandatory civic spending on public art.

During the provincial election campaign, it was revealed that Olauson is one of five candidates with a previous history of impaired driving.

Eric Olauson is running for the Sask. Party in Saskatoon University. (Sask. Party)

Thomas Sierzycki (Cumberland) is one of the country's youngest elected officials. He was voted onto La Ronge town council when he was 18 and elected mayor at 21.

Now, he's hoping to break into an NDP stronghold in one of the province's two most northern seats.

Thomas Sierzycki is running for the Sask. Party in Cumberland. (Sask. Party)

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