Canada's biggest baseball bat arrives home in Battleford

A 15.2 meter-long bat was unveiled at Battleford’s Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum Saturday.

The 15.2 meter bat was made in Saskatoon and weight about 2,500 pounds

Canada's biggest bat is unveiled at its new home in Battleford, Sask. It is 15.2 meters and weights about 2500 pounds. (Jane Shury/Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame)

Add Saskatchewan’s name to the record books — our province now boasts the biggest baseball bat in the country.

A 15.2 meter-long bat was unveiled at Battleford’s Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum Saturday.

Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame president Jane Shury told CBC Edmonton that baseball had a rich history in the province.

“The very first recorded baseball game in history of the North West Territories was played in Battleford on May 31, 1879," Shury said.

Shury added that baseball was Saskatchewan’s preferred summer pass time.

“It was a big part of culture, of not just Saskatchewan, but Alberta and Manitoba as well,” she said.

The bat eclipses the former record holding bat in Edmonton by about a third of a metre. It weighs about 900 kilograms.

The record-breaking project was started nearly two years ago by a Saskatoon company Progressive Yard Works.

The original plan was to build a baseball bat that was five metres long, but Progressive Yard Works owner Kyle Markusa decided it should be made Canadian record breaking size.

The Hall of Fame paid around $40,000 for the bat.