CAMPAIGN COMMERCIALS: Babies, plaid shirts and wheat fields

Web editor Kevin O'Connor takes you on a quick tour of the election ads that made you happy, furious and everything in between.

It's been non-stop Brad and Dwain TV commercials lately, but pretty soon all those gurgling babies and waving wheat fields will be history.

Then it's back to Little Red's cell phones and the two old guys at the bank.

Before that happens, web editor Kevin O'Connor wants to take you on a quick tour of the election ads that made you happy, furious and everything in between. Here we go...

Title: Today in Saskatchewan

Whose ad?: Saskatchewan Party  

Quote: "The only day better than today in Saskatchewan is tomorrow in Saskatchewan..."

The Lowdown: "...Unless tomorrow is rent day." (OK, I made that up.) This is one in a series of SP ads showcasing Brad Wall’s nice-guy persona. The standout here is the plaid shirt, which, as it turns out, is similar to many of the shirts worn by CBC web editors.

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Title: On the Right Track

Whose ad?: Saskatchewan Party

Quote: "We’re on the right track."

The Lowdown: Another easy-going ad, with Saskatchewan Party Leader Brad Wall telling folks they should stay the course and keep the momentum going. Once again, his shirt steals the show. This time, he, his wife or his war room has selected NDP orange, possibly to mess with the New Democrats' heads.

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Title: Issues that matter

Whose ad?:  NDP

Quote: "You may have heard the Sask Party say that I’m not the most popular candidate…"

The Lowdown: Why no, tell us more...

This is an interesting spot in the way Lingenfelter grapples head-on with his less-than-stratospheric approval ratings.

Ever-so-gently, he chides the Saskatchewan Party for focusing on him, rather than health care, highways, education and $3-billion worth of other issues that matter.

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Title: People caring about people

Whose ad?:  NDP

Quote: "A government that cares about people."

The Lowdown: Babies, fields of grain, sweaters, the works. Makes you wonder if the NDP and the Sask. Party hired the same company to do their "nice" ads. It certainly lives up to Lingenfelter’s promise to stay "positive" throughout the campaign.

"You know what?" Lingenfelter says at one point. "People care about people."

Pleasant yes, although upon repeated viewings you might start longing for the NDP's wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing ads from elections past.

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Title: Too negative

Whose ad?:  Saskatchewan Party

Quote:  "Dwain Lingenfelter: Is that the kind of leader you want?"

The Lowdown: Brutal and effective. The ad uses a couple of Lingenfelter’s nastier attacks against Wall as a sledgehammer. 

Is suggesting Lingenfelter’s too mean to lead ("Remember when he called our premier a thief?") a bit over the top? 

Maybe, although in fairness, it does stop short of having Lingenfelter’s eyes glow red like LEDs.

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