Dog shot near Yorkton recovering well after crowd-funded surgery

A dog that was shot near Yorkton and wandered around wounded for days may have turned a corner in his recovery.

Rescuer had feared dog might have to have leg amputated

Here is Boss and the Yorkton-area woman who helped raise money for surgery on his wounded leg, Carmen Yasinski. (submitted by Carmen Yasinski)

A dog that was shot near Yorkton, Sask., and wandered around wounded for days may have turned a corner in his recovery.

Carmen Yasinski, an animal rescuer living just outside the community, has been taking care of Boss, a three-year-old beagle/rottweiler cross who was taken to the local SPCA with a bullet wound in his front left leg.

Yasinski was waiting last week on X-ray results that would show whether Boss's leg could be saved through surgery, as opposed to being amputated.

On Wednesday, Boss underwent surgery after the results confirmed a fracture in his leg.

"The surgery went really well," said Yasinski. "If the fracture heals itself, Boss should make a full recovery and keep the leg."

Fundraising goal more than met

Yasinski had started a crowd-funding page to raise $2,500 for surgery under the hands of Dr. Greg Harasen of Regina.

She ended up raising $3,110.

"We received donations as far away as Alberta," said Yasinski.

Harasen installed an external fixator on Boss, which Yasinski described as "a metal apparatus on the outside of the leg with pins above and below the fracture, which holds the leg in place to allow the bone to heal."  

"He will be required to wear this for a minimum of eight weeks," added Yasinski. "But [it] could be up to 12 weeks depending on how the fracture heals."