Bombay Sapphire gin recalled; alcohol content 77% instead of 40%

Bombay Sapphire 1.14-litre bottles are being recalled in the province due to the alcohol content being nearly double of what is stated on the label.

Alcohol content in the bottles is 77 per cent rather than the labelled 40 per cent

The SLGA has issued a recall on 1.14 litre bottles of Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin after it was discovered that they had an alcohol content of 77 per cent. (Twitter)

The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority is recalling 1.14-litre bottles of Sapphire Bombay London Dry Gin due to excessive alcohol content.

The gin is labelled as having 40 per cent alcohol content. The bottles being recalled have an alcohol content of 77 per cent.

The province said the gin in those bottles is not safe for consumption and could cause an illness worse than a hangover.

The SLGA has advised 700 stores across the province to remove the bottles immediately. 

Anyone who already has a bottle in that size can return it to any liquor store for a full refund.