Boil water order lifted in Prince Albert

After six weeks of not being able to drink the water in Prince Albert, the boil water order has been lifted.

After six weeks of not being able to drink the water in Prince Albert, city officials announced Friday, the boil water order was lifted.

"Final tests confirm that the water going to people's homes within the city limits is now free of giardia and cryptosporidium,"said City Manager, Robert Cotterill. 

These were the micro-organisms originally found in the water which made it unsafe to drink.

A five point flushing plan of the city's distribution system was completed on Monday and tests confirming the water was safe were received on Thursday.

But before people stop boiling their water, the city advises certain actions need to be taken to flush the lines in their homes.

Most residences should complete these five steps before stopping to boil water:

  • Flush cold water plumbing, by turning on each cold tap separately and let it run for five minutes
  • Flush hot water plumbing (water heater, if temperature is insufficient or unknown, and running hot water taps)
  • Ensure other water treatment devices like water softeners are cleaned
  • Clean other water-using appliances like fridge filters
  • Throw out any food that is potentially contaminated.


For people living in apartment buildings the process is the same, except for hot water system flushing.

The building operator will have to flush the communal hot water tank and other treatment systems like water softeners, than notify residents they can flush their own hot water systems.

Since Feb. 3, there has been one case of illness confirmed due to giardia out of more than 200 patients that sought care for gastrointestinal illness in Prince Albert.

As of Friday, the boil water order had not been lifted for people living in rural areas around Prince Albert. City officials said they are still flushing the lines in those areas.