North Battleford under precautionary drinking water advisory

On Wednesday morning, a valve leak in the water tower was found. While the divers were inside the tower cleaning it, some water might have made its way into the public water supply.

All initial tests have shown that the water is safe but the advisory is still in place

Water is a sensitive subject in North Battleford. (City of North Battleford)

North Battleford is under a precautionary drinking water advisory after a leak was found in the city's water tower. 

The leak was discovered by water plant operators after divers had cleaned the inside of the water tower. Before entering the water, all divers were sprayed down with a chlorine-based solution to disinfect themselves. 

The city said all samples have shown that chorine present in the water does not exceed normal levels and no contamination is present. 

The advisory will remain in affect until all repairs are made to the water tower. (Google Maps)
It says people should boil water before drinking it, brushing their teeth, and washing food.

The advisory will remain in effect until maintenance on the tower is completed, which will be sometime after Sunday.