'It's something of a different experience': boarding sports art exhibit opens in Regina

An art exhibit emphasizing skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing opened in Regina this weekend.

Boarder X exhibit shows how boarding sports can challenge conformity and celebrate relationship with land

Boarder X opened this weekend at the MacKenzie Art Gallery. (CBC)

Skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, culture and art have joined forces in a Regina art exhibit.

The exhibit is called Boarder X and it opened this weekend at the MacKenzie Art Gallery.

It's described as bringing together interdisciplinary contemporary art from Indigenous artists across Canada who surf, skateboard and snowboard.

An eight-foot quarterpipe was built in the art gallery, along with ramps as part of the exhibit and skateboard clinics were offered to the public.

The exhibit aims show how boarding sports can be a platform to challenge conformity and status quo while celebrating knowledge and relationships with the earth. (CBC)

To kick off the exhibit, there was a walkthrough and skateboarding demonstration.

Inuit artist Mark Igloliorte, whose also an avid kayaker, was one of the skaters showing off his skills.

He said skateboarding in an art gallery was a unique opportunity.

"It's something of a different experience," said Igloliorte after the exhibit launched.

"You're in a space that's usually kind of quiet and perhaps meditative, and the idea is you're not touching any of the objects that are around, so to be moving fast and making a lot of noise is a really different experience."

Mark Igloliorte is an Inuit artist, as well as an avid skateboarding and kayaker. He says kayaking helped him connect with his Indigenous identity. (http://markigloliorte.net/)

The exhibit is meant to show how board sports, and other outdoor sports, can be a platform to challenge conformity and status quo while celebrating knowledge and relationships with the earth.

He says skateboarding has become more inclusive since the 1980s and '90s.

"One of the most exciting things that I see happening in skateboarding right now is that women are really coming up and taking ownership of skating and forming their own skate crews and going around the city," he said.

Igloliorte says skateboarding is no longer just a young person's sport either.

At the age of 41, skateboarding is still a passion of his and he often skates with other people his age.

The exhibit's opening including skateboarding demonstrations and clinics. (CBC)

He said the exhibit's opening night was exciting, with a lot of local skaters showing off their skills.

"Although the gallery was, I think, a little apprehensive to get ramps installed inside the gallery they did push through and get it done and it was an amazing event," he said.

Igloliorte also has two video installations in the exhibit — one of him skateboarding, and another of him kayaking.

Boarder X runs from July 7 until Oct. 21.

With files from CBC Radio One's Saskatchewan Weekend