Blake Berglund performs one last time for the Empty Room series

There's no setting more intimate than an empty room.

A new song released every Monday morning on CBC Radio's The Morning Edition

Blake Berglund gets a little help from Bryce Lewis on this track. (Brent Nielsen)

There is no setting more intimate than an empty room.

Regina's Creative City Centre is capitalizing on that fact with the Empty Room video series, the project showcases Saskatchewan artists as they perform in solitude at the Hague Gallery.

Each Monday, CBC Saskatchewan will post the live recordings online and play the tracks on the Morning Edition radio show at 8:15 a.m. CST. Tune in on 102.5 FM in Regina and 540 AM across the province.

This week's episode: Blake Berglund

Past Episodes

Megan Nash 

Watch singer-songwriter Megan Nash deliver a haunting and soulful rendition of Try off her 2015 album, Song Harvest Volume One, in the first installment of the Empty Room series below.

Megan performs Ghost on Fire in an Empty Room.

Danny Olliver

Danny Olliver performs Josephine

Danny Olliver performs his song Speak to You with his sister Samantha Geortz.

Colter Wall

Swift Current's Colter Wall performing his song Sleeping On The Blacktop. Colter's debut album Imaginary Appalachia will be released on iTunes June 2.

Colter Wall performs Kate McCannon in An Empty Room

Keiffer Mclean

Regina's Keiffer Mclean performs Yesterdaisies.

Belle Plaine

Regina's Belle Plaine performs Squared Up.

Belle Plaine with Good Heart.

Alexis Normand

Saskatoon's Alexis Normand performs her song Decourvre Moi.

Her fans call Les Mauvaises Intentions the Johnny Cash song.

Kirby Criddle

Saskatoon's Kirby Criddle performs You Are A Cyclone.

Kirby Criddle performs Every Night.

Jen Lane 

Jen Lane goes solo to sing Waiting for You.

Jen Lane and John Antoniuk

Jen Lane and John Antoniuk perform Crazy.

Rosie and the Riveters

From their forthcoming album, this is Rosie and the Riveters with Milk and Honey.

Rosie and the Riveters perform Red Dress.

Eliza Doyle

Swift Current's Eliza Doyle performs Underground in an Empty Room.

Belle Plaine & Blake Berglund

Watch Belle Plaine and Blake Berglund cover Zachary Lucky's Town To Town.

Belle Plaine and Blake Berglund perform Death and Taxes and You.

Blake Berglund

​Blake goes solo for this version of Rain Delay.


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