Blackberry mead lovers line up for hours at Bushwakker

More than 100 people lined up at Bushwakker to be among the first to purchase the pub's Blackberry mead.

The three men who were first in line set up their tent at 9:30 p.m. CST Friday evening

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      More than 100 people lined up in the cold to be among the first to purchase Bushwakker's blackberry mead. 

      The popular seasonal brew is released every year on the first Saturday of December. 

      People set up tents and camped for hours overnight to get their hands on a six- or 12-pack of mead, including three men — dressed as vikings — that drove all the way from Manitoba. 

      "We saw the video from last year and we thought, vikings love mead," said Fred Sheppard who was wrapped in layers of fur. "So we figured why not dress up as vikings and go to the mead launch and be first in line."

      The men arrived in Regina at about 4 p.m. CST Friday and had their tent set up at the front of the line by 9:30 p.m., ensuring they would be the first to purchase it, and among the first to taste this year's batch. 

      The trio had never tried Bushwakker's mead before, but said the trip has already been worth it.

      A feeling that was confirmed when Sheppard tasted the mead for the first time. 

      "You know, it was delicious, it was worth the wait, it's sweet. I don't think I can have just one, " he said shortly after his first sip.

      Some taking their chances

      While some braved the cold temperatures and stayed overnight, others showed up shortly before the doors opened at 11 a.m., simply to drink a glass of mead. 

      "To me this is the kick-off to Christmas," said Ian Daniels, who was one of the first to be served a glass of this year's brew. 

      Daniels said he has lined up the past, but this year he is crossing his fingers there will be some leftover. 

      "We're going to roll some dice here so, we're going to hope that line up dies down before the mead runs out," he said. 

      Bushwakker said it should have a limited amount of its season mead on tap until the new year.


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