Bear attacks and burning houses: Sask. residents recognized for bravery

Saskatchewan's Lieutenant Governor and the Royal Canadian Humane Association are recognizing 25 people for going above and beyond the duties of a regular citizen.

One recipient is set to receive his second bravery award

Casadi and Brad Schroeder were recognized for their bravery after being attacked by a black bear at the Meadow Lake Provincial Park. (Submitted photo)

People from across Saskatchewan are being recognized for bravery by the province's Lieutenant Governor and the Royal Canadian Humane Association Bravery Awards.

Bradley Schroeder and his wife Casadi saved children and neighbours from a bear attack in the Meadow Lake Provincial Park, according to a news release.

The black bear was trying to get into the camp kitchen, just before attacking Casadi Schroeder, who was walking by to try and warn others nearby of the intruder. (Submitted photo)

The couple awoke to a bear pushing at the front door of their cabin, the release said. After realizing there was children outside, they sprang to action. Casadi was chased by the bear, knocked to the ground and bitten. Her husband responded by attacking the bear.

The pair made it to a nearby cabin where Casadi received emergency medical treatment from the occupants. They soon realized their children were still alone.

Bradley tried to get back to their children the bear attacked him again. Eventually he escaped to safety.

Casadi required 34 staples in her leg and Brad's hand was swollen for 10 days from hitting the bear.

While both her legs were subject to the bear attack, Casadi Schroeder said nearly a week after the incident, the wounds were beginning to heal. (Submitted photo)

Brad received a Silver Medal for Bravery and Casadi received an Honourary Testimonial Certificate for her actions.

Also among this year's recipients is Kyle Anderson, who's no stranger to the honour.

In May 2014, Anderson rescued a woman who was involved in a quadding accident from the North Saskatchewan River  and earned a Silver Medal for Bravery.

This year, Anderson is being recognized for saving the life of a friend whose kayak capsized on Pat Lake, according to the release. Conditions were fine when Anderson and his friend Daren departed, but changed once they reached the middle of the lake. They found themselves surrounded by white-capped waves.

"Although [Daren] was wearing a life jacket , it was too small for him," the release said. "[Daren] panicked, told Kyle he couldn't swim, and had lost mobility in his legs and feet due to cold water shock."

Anderson was able to retrieve his friend's kayak and push the nose of it underwater; when it resurfaced, it was within Daren's reach. Roughly half an hour later the pair made it to shore -- and safety.

Anderson received a Bronze Medal for Bravery on Monday.

More residents recognized for heroics

Other residents from across the province are being recognized for a variety of heroic actions.

Emily Bird and Derrick Boyer rescued a man from a burning house in Prince Albert on July 31, 2017, after he sustained numerous stab wounds, the release said. The victim was taken to hospital where he recovered from his injuries. Bird and Boyer both received a Bronze Medal for Bravery.

A team of police officers from Saskatoon earned various awards after saving a male trapped in a burning house on May 2, 2018.

Ian Whitehead was recognized with a Bronze Medal for Bravery after rescuing a 9-year-old girl from a dog attack on the Fishing Lake First Nation on June 15, 2018.

Brian Gould, who saved a man from a burning car along Highway 11 earned a Bronze Medal for Bravery.

Hayley Hesseln received a Silver Medal for Bravery while Mandy Prior and Kevin Svenson received Honorary Testimonial Certificates for their actions after saving a woman from the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon.

Tim Popp, a representative for the Royal Canadian Humane Association, was also recognized for the 15 years of service he has dedicated to the organization.


  • A previous version of this story indicated the Schroeder family's children were in the tent outside. In fact, their children were in the cabin with them when the incident occurred.
    Oct 19, 2018 7:51 AM CT