Baby deer threatened by fox, wedding party saves the day

A Saskatchewan wedding had a storybook ending on the weekend when people came to the rescue of a baby deer that was threatened by a fox.

Fawn rescue captured in series of images

A fox and a fawn caught the attention of a wedding party on the weekend. (Courtesy Rae Holtsbaum)

A Saskatchewan wedding had a storybook ending on the weekend when people came to the rescue of a baby deer that was threatened by a fox.

It happened on Saturday as a couple, the bridesmaids and groomsmen were getting their pictures taken at Kenosee Lake.

Suddenly, an animal's cry was heard. It was a fawn, being chased around a tree by a fox.

Nobody wants to see Bambi get slaughtered on the wedding day.- wedding photographer Chris Graham

The photographer and some members of the wedding party decided to intervene, chasing the fox into the nearby woods.

The fawn, meanwhile, scampered off in the opposite direction.

Wedding photographer Chris Graham said the whole thing was over in a few minutes.

"We're there to take some photos and you don't want to get involved with nature," Graham said.

"But nobody wants to see Bambi get slaughtered on the wedding day, either."

It appeared to be quite a confrontation between the two animals. (Courtesy Rae Holtsbaum )
Finally, some members of the wedding party were able to scare the animals away. (Courtesy Rae Holtsbaum )


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