Aviation buff excited, historic plane arrives in Saskatoon

A historic plane has travelled down Saskatchewan highways and has found a new home, where it will on display in Saskatoon.

Vintage DC-3 flew in the Second World War

A historic plane has travelled down Saskatchewan highways where it has a new home in Saskatoon and will be on display.

The DC-3 was built in 1943. The plane transported troops in the Second World War, worked as a passenger aircraft travelling through countries including Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland, and finally ended up in Saskatchewan's north.

They've added to the mysticism of aviation.- Tim Munro, Saskatchewan Aviation Historical Society

"This was sort of one of the major work horses in Saskatchewan from as early as the late 40s and early 50s," Tim Munro, executive director of the Saskatchewan Aviation Historical Society, said of the plane. He said DC-3s helped to open Saskatchewan's north.

While the model has not been manufactured for years, some are still used today. The planes can get into places other types of aircraft cannot.

"They've added to the mysticism of aviation," Munro said. "It was designed to go into some pretty rough northern places in Saskatchewan and land on gravel runways or secondary roads."

To get to Saskatoon, the plane has been trucked from northern Saskatchewan to Saskatoon.

It is now at the location of what will be the new Saskatchewan Aviation Museum and Learning Centre.

Construction of the building will start in the spring. When it is open, several aircraft will be on display.

In the meantime, the DC-3 is on site for anyone who wants to view its exterior.


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