Tiffany Cassidy

Tiffany Cassidy is a journalist who worked with CBC Saskatchewan until 2016.

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Woman who first met royal family in 1939 meets Prince Edward, wife Sophie

Some royal watchers meet royal family members every time they visit Regina.

Horses act as pet therapy for seniors

For many seniors, horses are associated with the joy of being on the farm when they were younger.

From prejudices to common pets, Regina students learn each other's cultures

A group of Regina students representing 16 countries took time to teach each other about their culture over a lunch hour.

Outdoor classrooms provide unique learning experience in Saskatchewan

The whole outdoor space is considered a controlled risk area. Students can climb trees and play outside. In the winter they may not read a book out there, but they can cross-country ski and winter camp.

Cirque du Soleil clown moves to Regina to tackle next project

Mooky started working professionally as clown when she was only 15.

'Wascana boat guy' lifts spirits with his remote control boats in Regina

About twice a week in the summer people can catch Doug Bussey's remote control boats on Wascana Lake in Regina. It's a hobby that he started in the 1960s and it's now a way for him to find company and laughter as children to seniors stop in awe of the boats.

Husband and wife fight fire in Fort McMurray while kids safe in Sask.

Stephen and Tia Morari are battling the fire by Fort McMurray while their children are safe with their grandmother in Saskatoon.

Schools, health regions try to make plans amid uncertain funding

The Saskatoon Public School Division is hoping for extra money for its increased enrolment.

Hugelkultur new gardening trend in Regina

Steve Fairburn arranged a workshop to help introduce the city to the gardening technique that involves raised mounds of dirt.

Saskatchewan diabetes more than doubles in 10 years, part of worldwide trend

More than a quarter of the province's population has been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes.