Taron Cochrane

Senior Communications Officer

Taron Cochrane is a Senior Communications Officer with CBC Saskatchewan, CBC Saskatoon and CBC North. If it involves music, it probably interests him. Email taron.cochrane@cbc.ca

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Playlist: National Polka Day party!

In honour of National Polka Day, we've created a playlist composed of songs that polka musicians across Saskatchewan have told us were their favourite to perform live.

Is it the last call for polka?

The Dreadnought’s Nick Smyth went from writing punk-polka anthem Polka Never Dies to a very insightful blog called Polka Might Actually Die a decade later.

Musical group that escaped Taliban shares first Canadian public performance on July 1

After a harrowing journey that brought them to safety in Saskatoon, some members of the musical group Sound of Afghanistan had their first public performance as a group on Canadian soil.
Local Music Project

Celebrate our sounds with CBC Saskatchewan

Weekly artist profiles highlighting the dynamic creations and contributions of musicians in our community.

Listen to local podcasters' favourite episodes

During our CBC Saskatchewan Virtual Podcast Meetup, we offered local podcasters a chance to share with our audience the one episode that best describes their podcast. We have compiled these episodes for you to check out. Here is what these creators had to say about which episode they chose and how it best describes their podcast.

Enjoy the songs and stories as told by local Indigenous songwriters

A soundtrack of Saskatchewan Indigenous music - created in support of National Indigenous History Month & National Indigenous Peoples Day.

Playlist: In Moms, we trust!

In honour of Mother's day, we've created a playlist comprised of song dedications from CBC Saskatchewan & CBC Saskatoon staff to their moms (plus a few more thrown in for good measure).

Sask. musicians who led the pack in 2018 and who to listen for this year

For many of us, music made right here in Saskatchewan was our soundtrack in 2018. And as momentum builds and Saskatchewan music continues to be heard around the world, here are several artists you should be keeping your eyes and ears on in 2019.

Is it time for the Riders to ditch Bring 'em Out?

Riders receiver Duron Carter called out the team's entrance music as "played out" and "low key corny."