Samanda Brace

Current Affairs Associate Producer

Samanda Brace (she/her) is a Current Affairs Associate Producer where she gathers stories mainly for CBC radio's The Morning Edition. She has been with the CBC for more than seven years.

Latest from Samanda Brace

'It's suffocating': What it's like to live with premenstrual dysphoric disorder

People with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), a condition that affects five to eight per cent of people who menstruate worldwide, want to bring attention to the mental health condition for PMDD awareness month.

How Regina's new sidewalk snow clearing bylaw is going so far

More than half of the complaints made to the City of Regina about snowy sidewalks were non-compliant as the city works through its public awareness stage for a new snow clearing bylaw.

Educator brings dogsledding to southern Sask. in effort to share Indigenous culture

Garrick Schmidt's passion to share traditional knowledge is behind the effort.

Planned Parenthood Regina cannot keep up with demand during pandemic

Planned Parenthood Regina changed the way people access its services due to an increase in demand and COVID-19 restrictions, causing fears that vulnerable populations won't be able to access sexual health interventions.

Downtown Regina outreach team finds homes and warm clothing for homeless as temperatures drop

The Downtown Regina Community Support program has started providing winter clothing, warm drinks, and even helping people find homes.

Sask. woman sports 1st 'moustache' to honour father for Movember

A Saskatchewan woman has decided to wear a fake moustache that grows every time someone makes a charitable donation to Movember to honour her father, who has Stage 4 prostate cancer.

Regina sisters create podcast to help others reclaim Indigenous identity

The Comeback Society, a podcast and local non-profit, is providing space for Indigenous people to share their stories and make connections to their culture.

After nearly a decade of work, 38 feathers now mark Regina Indian Industrial School cemetery graves

Orange feathers made of metal now mark where nearly 40 children were buried at the Regina Indian Industrial School's cemetery.

Finding their inner light: mothers recover from addiction with support of Indigenous healing camp

The healing on the land treatment camp uses Indigenous ceremonies and traditional teachings to help women struggling with meth and opioid addictions.

'Being an advocate for those who can't': A morning with Regina's community support program

The goal of the new outreach pilot program is to help those affected by mental health, addictions and homelessness while providing safety for all residents in the city's core.