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Host, CBC Saskatchewan News at 6

Sam Maciag is a Regina-based television host for CBC News Saskatchewan. She was raised in Regina and has been a journalist in the city for more than 15 years. Maciag is also a literacy advocate and the founder and host of The Novel Idea Society book club, a partnership between CBC Sask and the Regina Public Library. Have a story idea for her? Send it to

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'It's a homecoming': Organizer says Country Thunder ready for return to Craven after pandemic hiatus

Country Thunder cancelled its Canadian festivals in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic and the more stringent border and quarantine restrictions in Canada. Now, with the world opening up, the festival with roots in Saskatchewan is thrilled to return to Craven.

Sask. vaccine manufacturing facility the first of its kind in Canada

The Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO) at the University of Saskatchewan gave CBC Saskatchewan an exclusive advance behind the scenes tour of its now complete vaccine manufacturing centre in Saskatoon.

Sask. research teams make rare find inside Scotty T. rex fossil

Using the Canadian Light Source, a research team from Saskatchewan says it has discovered a preserved network of blood vessels inside a rib fossil from Scotty the T. rex.

Surge capacity forces Saskatoon hospital to expand ER into waiting room

The waiting room at St. Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon was turned into an extension of the emergency department on Monday due to overcapacity.

Faces of COVID-19: What Sask. people with long COVID symptoms want you to know

CBC Saskatchewan asked people who had COVID-19 to share their experiences. These are their stories.

'Is the baby going to be OK?': Sask. mom recounts getting COVID-19 while pregnant

When Shaleen Erwin's four-year-old son brought home COVID-19 from his daycare in late 2020, the situation became much more complicated because the mother was 23 weeks pregnant with her second child. The family welcomed a healthy baby boy this March.

'It's such a gift to give': Regina nurse in desperate need of life-saving liver transplant

Regina nurse Krystal Graham, 37, would give anything to be caring for others inside a hospital right now. Instead, a rare genetic disease has her desperately hoping for a life-saving liver transplant, and for the second time.

Cruise ships, pregnancy and high school: Sask. residents share their experiences with COVID-19

We know a lot more about COVID-19 than we did when the pandemic was declared by the World Health Organization almost a year ago on March 11, 2020. This third instalment of the Faces of COVID-19 features a wider range of cases from all over the province. 

Rage, fear, and panic attacks: An ICU nurse gets the vaccine after a rough year

Intensive care nurse Andrea Kosloski describes the vaccine as a "snippet of hope" after what has been a long, rough year. Kosloski gives a raw account of the mental toll of the pandemic, including bouts of rage, crying, and panic attacks.

Faces of COVID-19: Sask. front-line workers share their experiences with coronavirus

CBC News has shared with you the faces of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan, but those who have contracted the virus aren't the only ones fighting. Front-line workers have been battling this disease from day one. These are their stories.