Rachel Zelniker

Rachel Zelniker is a current affairs radio associate producer with CBC North in Yellowknife. Find her on Twitter @rzelniker or email rachel.zelniker@cbc.ca.

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Meet the Trailbreaker's Employee of the Month: Thrift store supervisor Violet Walters

Violet Walters has been working at the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Yellowknife since 2010. She's earned a reputation as a friendly face with a big heart.

High school politics class secure $40K for youth centre for their N.W.T. community

Teenagers fed up with the effect drugs and alcohol are having on their community are affecting change themselves, successfully fighting for $40,000 and a youth centre in Fort Providence, N.W.T.

Meet the Trailbreaker's Employee of the Month: Park manager Bruce Davidson

Bruce Davidson, park manager of Prelude Lake Territorial Park, is well-known and well-loved amongst campers.

A tree falls, a legend is born: Dene woman believes baby shares connection to sacred tree

Naittii Marlowe was born in Yellowknife on Aug. 10 — the same day a sacred Dene tree came down in a wind storm. Naittii means 'lightning' in Weledeh, the language of the Yellowknives Dene First Nation.

Sask. photographer's calendar features 'beautiful, caring, and unique' kids with Down syndrome

A Regina photographer is hoping a new calendar featuring the photographs and stories of 12 children living with Down syndrome will help break down stereotypes associated with the condition.

Sask. mother wants payday loan reform after son borrowed tens of thousands to fund addiction

One Regina mother is cautioning against payday loans after watching her son rack up thousands of dollars in debt to support a cocaine and crystal meth addiction.

'The woman I was truly meant to be': Gov't employee thankful for support during transition

Coming out as transgender in the workplace can lead to ostracization and isolation, but a Saskatchewan woman is crediting her employer and colleagues for making her feel supported and accepted during and after her decision to transition.

Regina mom worried about what kindergarten will bring for daughter after special needs program cuts

For many parents the first day of kindergarten is a moment of pride and excitement, but one Regina mother is also filled with anxiety and fear after funding cuts to preschool programs for children with special needs.

Reduced school bus service has Regina parents scrambling for alternatives

Students at Regina's public schools are heading back to class, but to the dismay of many parents and care providers in the city, about 1,000 fewer children will be taking the bus.

Sask. mother to compete for chance to be world's strongest woman

A Regina mother and teacher is shedding "blood, sweat and tears," to ready herself to compete in the World’s Strongest Woman Competition later this year.