Natascia Lypny


Natascia Lypny is the features producer for CBC Saskatchewan based out of Regina, where she's worked since 2016. Over the course of her career, she has worked as a reporter and editor in six provinces — online, for newspapers, magazines and radio.

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How a day for truth and reconciliation inspired these Indigenous artists

Three Saskatchewan artists created original works for the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on Thursday, covering the erasure of Métis culture, residential schools, and lacklustre efforts at reconciliation.

Purse contents reveal plans frozen in time, changes to everyday life due to pandemic

We asked CBC followers on social media to dig through their bags to find traces of the 'Before Times,' as well as indications of just how much our daily lives have changed. 

How a Sixties Scoop survivor told her daughter what 'back to school' means to her

Noela Crowe-Salazar wants her teenage daughter to know that "back to school" for their family means so much more than loading up on school supplies and trying out for a sports teams. It's about relishing that you get to leave school for home in the first place.

Recipes to stretch your grocery budget

How to use cheap ingredients in unexpected ways to stretch your grocery budget as sky-high food prices continue to rise.

Want to report for CBC Saskatchewan? Here's what we're looking for and how to pitch us

We're looking for reporters to produce feature stories across the province.
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The pressing need to learn from Indigenous elders

CBC Saskatchewan, CBC Manitoba and CBC North embarked on a months-long project to speak with elders, elders-in-training and youth from across their vast territories to learn how these knowledge keepers view their role today — and why they may be more critical than ever before.

Team to develop first medication guidelines for FASD

International experts at the University of Saskatchewan are meeting today to begin devising a "medical algorithm" to aid physicians in prescribing medication to fetal alcohol spectrum disorder patients.

Sharron Bryce upset over Regina election opponent's flyer

Ward 7 candidate John Gross has distributed a flyer to constituents saying incumbent councillor Sharron Bryce lives at Regina Beach.

Municipal government salaries vary widely in Saskatchewan

Remuneration doesn't necessarily reflect the size of the cities.

Drones capture sky-high footage for Saskatchewan government

With 651,900 square kilometres to keep tabs on, the Ministry of Environment gets help from a fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones.