Michael Boda

Michael Boda has been chief electoral officer in Saskatchewan since 2012.

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On Oct. 26, give a day to Saskatchewan's democracy — your democracy

Democracy Week in Canada is a perfect opportunity to think not only about the model for democracy that Saskatchewan has offered to the world, but how the people of Saskatchewan can help maintain our democratic traditions at a uniquely challenging time in our history.

Electronic vote counting coming to Sask. in 2020 is first step in sorely needed modernization process

Saskatchewan Chief Electoral Officer Michael Boda says voters deserve an experience that makes use of technological innovations.

Cynicism is gnawing at Saskatchewan's democratic traditions: What can you do about it?

The challenge of cynicism can’t be addressed unless we consider how each of us can contribute — today and moving forward — to a community that is larger than us as individuals.

Provincial election voter turnout 'disturbing,' says chief electoral officer

Nearly half of Saskatchewan's eligible voters have not been participating in our recent provincial elections — a situation that undermines the strong democratic tradition by which we select those who govern our province.
Point of View

Sask.'s chief electoral officer explains why voter turnout is about to change

In recent years, a less-than accurate, perhaps even fictitious narrative has emerged about voter turnout at Saskatchewan’s provincial elections, says the province's chief electoral officer, Michael Boda.