Laura Sciarpelletti

Journalist & Radio Columnist

Laura is a journalist for CBC Saskatchewan. She is also the community reporter for CBC's virtual road trip series Land of Living Stories and host of the arts and culture radio column Queen City Scene Setter, which airs on CBC's The Morning Edition. Laura previously worked for CBC Vancouver. Some of her former work has appeared in the Globe and Mail, NYLON Magazine, VICE Canada and The Tyee. Laura specializes in human interest, arts and health care coverage. She holds a master of journalism degree from the University of British Columbia. Send Laura news tips at

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'Queen of Canada' Romana Didulo and her followers leave Sask. village school after 2 months

Self-proclaimed "Queen of Canada" Romana Didulo and her followers left a rural Saskatchewan school earlier this week after officials paid a visit about a heater propped up on a propane tank in the school — a fire code violation that was seen in one of the group's live streams.

Province funds expansion of Regina police and mental health crisis team

The Saskatchewan government announced Thursday $6.6 million in funding for Regina police initiatives. Part of those funds are going toward expanding the Regina Police Service's police and crisis team (PACT), which teams police officers with mental health workers.

'We're still all kids': Seniors dance down Halloween memory lane

The Regina Senior Citizens' Centre on Winnipeg Street is usually filled with music and dance on a Friday afternoon. But you'll only see grim reapers, witches and skeletons waltzing once a year.

'It's bad, it's really bad': Regina woman waits months for a breast biopsy amid backlog

A 35-year-old Regina woman has been waiting months to find out if she has breast cancer. As recently as last week she was told her breast biopsy was delayed yet another month, and her fear and frustration build with each delay.

'I'm able to be me': STR8 UP offering free tattoo removal services to former gang members

It's not uncommon for people to regret some of the tattoos they got when they were younger. But some tattoos are more important to leave behind than others. 

Richmound, Sask., begins weekend-long protest to urge QAnon cult to leave village

The village of Richmound held a protest on Saturday, in hopes of spurring a cult led by a woman who has declared herself the "Queen of Canada" to leave the southwestern Saskatchewan community.

Regina school resource officer review shows strong parental support, room for improvement

While the program has strong support from both parents and teachers, the report indicates improvements are needed, particularly around fostering trusting relationships between the onsite officers and students from marginalized communities.

Cult of self-proclaimed 'Queen of Canada' threatens Sask. village with public executions

An extremist cult leader and her followers have set up camp in a small Saskatchewan village, 83 kilometres northwest of Maple Creek, near the Alberta border. The group has called for public execution of elected officials and other members in and around the community.

Sask. newcomers explore importance of learning Indigenous history, truth and reconciliation

According to the 2021 Census, 12.5 per cent of Saskatchewan's population is made up of immigrants. The province is expecting many more newcomers in the coming years. Some of these immigrants are learning about this land's First peoples, and truth and reconciliation.

Demolition plans underway for heritage building after multi-day downtown Regina fire

Regina's fire department said Tuesday that demolition is necessary to fully extinguish the fire at 2170 12th Avenue, as well as to complete a search and investigation of the building, and ensure public safety.