Kerry Benjoe

Former CBC reporter

Kerry Benjoe is a journalist who joined the CBC Saskatchewan team from 2020-2021. She is Saulteaux/Dakota/Cree and is from Muscowpetung Saulteaux Nation.

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'I tried to be tough,' says survivor of Marieval Indian Residential School sharing her story for 1st time

Marieval Residential School survivor Phyllis Kretschmer says she was taken from her happy home and sent to a cold place devoid of any heart or actual education. With almost all the people she knew from Marieval gone, she's sharing her story for the first time so what happened there isn't forgotten.

Saskatchewan loses premier Saulteaux language teacher Margaret Cote

Margaret Cote, 70, dedicated her life to preserving the Saulteaux language for the next generation. She accomplished this first by teaching it in the classroom, then by creating the resources and finally by training her successor. 
Point of View

My talk with a Muslim student about reconciliation impacted me, too

My conversation with a 16-year-old student opened her eyes to a history of Canada she had never known before.

Face tattoos give Indigenous woman a chance to reclaim traditional form of self-expression

Tattoos are popular for people of all ages and genders — even on the face — but for Indigenous women, it's not about being trendy. It's about reclaiming a traditional form of self-expression.

Sask. man working on project for Disney wants to redefine how TV and movies portray Indigenous people

Jacob Pratt moved to Los Angeles with a goal to change how Indigenous people are portrayed in the entertainment industry. He launched Skoden Entertainment in September and its first client is Disney.

Indigenous candidates for Athabasca riding urging voter engagement for Sask. election

The province’s 29th general election campaign is well underway. NDP incumbent Buckley Belanger and Sask Party candidate Kelly Kwan are urging Saskatchewan’s Indigenous people to get involved in the process.