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Riverhurst Ferry in Sask. beached indefinitely because of low water levels

Saskatchewan's Riverhurst Ferry has been unable to open for the season.

Man who alleges hazing at Sask. boarding school says he's sharing his story to change hockey culture

A man who attended a private boarding school in Saskatchewan during the 1980s said he suffered physical, mental and sexual abuse from other students in hazing rituals. He says he now wants to share his story so others don't suffer in silence like he did.

Sask. government pressed to address doctor shortages in 2 rapidly expanding communities

Doctors in two of the Saskatchewan's fastest growing communities say they cannot meet the needs of patients because of staffing shortages. The doctors and patients from Warman and Martensville took their concerns straight to government on Wednesday.

Sask. gardeners talk ditching peat moss and give other eco-friendly gardening tips

Saskatchewan garden experts share their tips on why ditching peat moss in the garden is a good idea, and how to become more eco-friendly when growing plants.

Rural couple discovered rifle used to kill Sheree Fertuck, Crown alleges as new evidence presented

The murder trial of Greg Fertuck resumed in Saskatoon as the Crown revealed new evidence — months after it closed its case. Prosecutors say they now have the gun used in Sheree Fertuck's death and they want it entered as evidence.

Sask. bees of the 'honey-belt' suffer more winter loss than normal

Parasitic pests, an extended summer and a harsh, long winter all contributed to higher than usual honey bee mortality rates.

Saskatchewan court case for pandemic-related tickets moves forward

People ticketed for allegedly violating public health orders Saskatchewan imposed during the pandemic are fighting the charges in court.

Med students push Sask. gov't to fund supervised drug consumption site

Medical students are calling on the Saskatchewan government to financially support the supervised drug consumption site in Saskatoon. Their advocacy is backed by several high-profile professionals and organizations within the medical community.

Sask. parents say change needed to support adults living with mental illness and addiction

Saskatchewan parents of adult children with complex mental illness and addictions say the systems that are supposed to help are broken. That's why they're leaning on each other for support and calling for change.

Woman behind Regina #MeToo Instagram page pushes for anti-SLAPP legislation in Sask.

A woman who was accused of defamation for using social media to publicly identify people accused of sexual violence wants the Saskatchewan government to pass legislation that could protect people speaking out on matters of public interest.