Geoff Leo

Senior Investigative Journalist

Geoff Leo has been a reporter for CBC News in Saskatchewan since 2001. His work as an investigative journalist and documentary producer has earned numerous national and regional awards.

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Neighbours of Regina massage parlour that offers sex for sale are frustrated with city

People who live next-door to a Victoria Avenue massage parlour run by failed political candidate Trevor Wowk say the City of Regina has been sitting on its hands while their neighbourhood deteriorates.

Regina-based Input Capital wins $2.8M judgment against American company run by 'hotshot wiz-kid'

Regina-based Input Capital, a company that provides financing to farmers, has been granted a $2.8-million court judgment against Bridgeway Capital Corporation after the Washington, D.C., based company failed to consummate a deal between the two firms.

Minister replaces eHealth board following damning report by Sask. privacy commissioner

Saskatchewan’s Health Minister Paul Merriman says last week’s damning report by Saskatchewan’s Information and Privacy Commissioner has led him to dismiss the entire board and install a smaller two-person board made up of senior bureaucrats.
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How a 'hotshot whiz-kid' ensnared a Sask. company in a $97.5M deal riddled with red flags

Input Capital, a publicly traded company based in Regina, says it is investigating after its $97.5-million proposed sale to smooth-talking American businessman Eric Blue collapsed two months ago.

eHealth's 'hodge podge' of IT systems deemed unfit to protect Sask.'s private health data from cyberattacks

Saskatchewan’s information and privacy commissioner says the confidential health information of Saskatchewan people could “be floating around the dark web right now for sale to the highest bidder” because of a host of preventable, critical failures in the province’s eHealth IT system. 
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Underfunding of aging Sask. health-care IT systems makes risk to patient lives 'inevitable': gov't memo

A blunt briefing note prepared for Saskatchewan's Minister of Health warns that eHealth, which runs the province's health-care IT system, has been underfunded for years and is at growing risk of failure, which could potentially affect patient safety. 

New allegations about fired officer's misconduct emerge as Moose Jaw chief defends dismissal

Rick Bourassa says it became evident soon after he took the job as chief of the Moose Jaw police service in 2013 that there were some significant concerns surrounding Const. Alan Murdock. 
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Details of province's secret agreement with Brightenview emerge as dispute about megamall boils over

The province is threatening to evict Brightenview from its GTH office because it has failed to pay its lease for more than a year. Meanwhile, Brightenview’s CEO says the province has “misled” him, broken its contract and abandoned his company. 
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Extent of contamination from former Regina refinery site still unknown 45 years after shutdown

Saskatchewan's Ministry of Environment admits it still doesn't know how much contamination was left behind by an Imperial Oil refinery in Regina that was shut down 45 years ago, or what effects it may be having on human health and the environment. 

Moose Jaw police chief promises transparency around allegations about fired cop

Moose Jaw police chief Rick Bourassa is promising transparency surrounding the allegations he made against Alan Murdock, despite the fact the fired officer has withdrawn the appeal of his dismissal.