Florence Hwang

Florence Hwang is a journalist with CBC Saskatchewan.

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Melfort, Sask., couple on hunt for table that documents beginning of love story

A Melfort couple is searching for an unusual object of affection that shows the beginning of their 18-year love story.

Vandalism shatters Regina restaurant window, but not community spirit

A Regina restaurant owner was devastated by vandalism, but uplifted by an outpouring of community support.

Sask. woman survives 14-hour ordeal in swirling blizzard with help from nearby stranger

An 80-year-old retiree walked through the blizzard to rescue seven stranded travellers.

Regina martial arts school's virtual lion dance pounces into Year of the Tiger

Regina Kung Fu offers virtual lion dance to celebrate lunar new year with students

Survivorman star releases doc on healing nature experience with students from La Loche

A newly released documentary shows La Loche high school students on a healing journey through nature with outdoor survival expert Les Stroud.
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New professional development course aims to build bridges between Indigenous, non-Indigenous people

An Indigenous educator hopes a new professional development course will fuel engagement and critical dialogue between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.
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Building bridges to bring reconciliation

Two Saskatchewan clergy are doing their part in opening discussion between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities
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Justice system needs more trauma-informed training, says Métis lawyer

When Métis lawyer Myrna McCallum started working as a lawyer and adjudicator she wasn't prepared for what she describes as a tsunami of trauma.

These Chinese-Canadians are looking to break the silence on mental health

Chinese-Canadians living with mental illness tend to face stigma and shame because of cultural perceptions and pressures. Since there's a tradition of suppressing emotions to achieve harmonious relationships at all costs, it can worsen mental health and create barriers to accessing help.
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I wanted to do things perfectly: How the model minority myth affects me and other Asian people

I never felt like a “model minority.” I also didn’t think I fit in as a Canadian. My mental health suffered.