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Weather and climate journalist

Ethan Williams is a weather and climate reporter and presenter for CBC News in Saskatchewan, based in Regina. Catch CBC Saskatchewan News with Sam Maciag and Ethan Williams weeknights at 6 p.m. CST for your local news and weather. Get in touch with him:

Latest from Ethan Williams

Moose Jaw Pride dissolving after discovery of extensive financial liabilities

Members of Moose Jaw Pride voted unanimously at its annual general meeting Sunday to dissolve the organization and liquidate its assets.

Ripe for the picking: how people are growing fruit that's not so common in Sask.

Not everyone is growing peaches in Saskatchewan, but some have started to try. With a continually warming planet, it's possible more varieties of fruit could be grown here, but it could come at a cost.

The apple of Wascana Centre's eye: new fruit orchard to diversify trees, feed community

Regina's Wascana Centre is known for its tranquillity and habitat for many animal species. But it will soon boast another feature: access to fresh fruit.

Grasshoppers take over Sask. fields as hot, dry weather intensifies

Throughout southern Saskatchewan, grasshoppers have taken advantage of the heat. Although small, they're causing a big problem on some farms.

Why thunderstorms seem to 'split' around cities

Think thunderstorms have an aversion to cities? Research says you might be right.

Sask. First Nation faces flooding after nearby road collapse

Seven homes on the Muscowpetung Saulteaux Nation, approximately 65 kilometres northeast of Regina, were recently evacuated after floodwater threatened them.

Despite frequent storms, Sask. tornado count on par with average

Day after day of severe weather might have you thinking Saskatchewan is close to hitting some kind of record, but you may be forgetting how stormy previous summers have been.

East central Sask. battered by storms as 3 tornadoes touch down

A tornado caused damage to power lines and a farm near Foam Lake, Sask., approximately 200 kilometres northeast of Regina, late Wednesday afternoon.

From drought relief to filling streams, heavy rain proves beneficial in Sask.

This week's heavy rainfall in Saskatchewan might have felt a bit excessive, especially for those in areas that were already drenched, but it has helped significantly in regions that needed the moisture.

Sask. man's video of close encounter with bear goes viral

Curtis Matwishyn was hoping to snap a few photos of a young black bear in the forest near Waskesiu Lake earlier this month. But the wildlife photographer soon found himself a bit too close for comfort to the animal.