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Weather and climate journalist

Ethan Williams is a weather and climate reporter and presenter for CBC News in Saskatchewan, based in Regina. Catch CBC Saskatchewan News with Sam Maciag and Ethan Williams weeknights at 6 p.m. CST for your local news and weather. Get in touch with him:

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Sunscreen instead of ski pants? What El Niño could mean for the upcoming Prairie winter

Enjoying the relatively dry, balmy fall? There may be more to come, say experts, thanks to El Niño making its return after a nearly eight-year hiatus.

Heat pump popularity is increasing, but how well do they work on the Prairies?

With no sign of further exemptions to the federal carbon tax, heat pumps have made their way into the energy conversation. But are they a viable heating source for cold Prairie winters?

First snowfall event of the season hits south, central Sask.

After several weeks of above-seasonal temperatures and dry conditions, south and central Saskatchewan got their first major taste of winter weather this season.

Affected by smoke this year? Plants and animals have been too, experts say

While people can put on a mask or stay inside to avoid the smoke from forest fires, wildlife and plants can't do escape it -- and that could have impacts on their health, according to researchers.

Saskatchewan saw only one tornado this year. Is it a sign of things to come?

Saskatchewan has broken a record for the lowest annual tornado count. One researcher says it could be part of a larger trend of tornadoes happening more frequently further east.

Food waste is a problem in Sask.; a new app could help change that

Saskatchewan produced the third most food waste among provinces in 2020. A new food waste app could help reduce the impact on the environment.

This Sask. lab is studying agricultural pests — even before they arrive on the Prairies

Research done in the lab could help prevent future insect pest outbreaks and develop pest-resistant crops.

Little-known U of R plant collection blooming into the digital age

The University of Regina herbarium's 70,000 plant specimens will be making their way onto the Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

This Regina group is fighting climate anxiety — one meeting at a time

With forest fires raging across the country, climate change is something that's on many people's minds. But for some, t's a source of constant anxiety and fear. A group of people in Regina have come together to share their climate worries and offer each other support.

Sask. weather radar site back online after outage during stormy week

It was a storm chaser's report of a tornado on the ground - rather than a Doppler radar scan - that prompted a tornado warning near Regina Saturday.