Cam Houle

Cam is a dairy farmer from Osler, Sask., along with his partner, Jaime, and their children. They milk 42 Holstein dairy cows.

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Volunteer youth sports organizers don't deserve the mistreatment they've received during the pandemic

COVID-19 has made trying to organize youth sports in Canada nearly impossible and almost unbearably stressful.

'The resulting food has meaning': Why I am teaching my children to hunt

I think hunting is vital to fostering their connection to life and to the entire world around them.
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Dungeons and Dragons is the perfect homeschooling tool during the pandemic

Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop roleplaying game and, in my opinion, the single most valuable pastime for children who are middle-school age or older.

Point of View | 'I put down my phone and picked up my life': Quitting social media liberated me

On February 1, 2019, I logged out of all social media and quietly, without any pomp or pageantry, deactivated my accounts.

As a farmer, I'm sick of being harassed online by animal rights activists

Veganuary probably started as a way to peacefully promote and spread helpful information about an alternative diet and lifestyle, but it quickly became an ugly circus where the farmers that feed our country are bullied, insulted and threatened

As a farmer, I think the 'thank a farmer' movement is complete nonsense

Farmers are legitimate business owners trying to remain profitable and sustainable in a tough industry, all while providing for their own families. You can stop treating us like martyrs, says Osler, Sask., dairy farmer Cam Houle.
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City-dwellers should put more trust in farmers — we just want to feed people

There is a rural-urban divide that has split our society into two distinct parties. There are farmers and then there is the rest of the population. Neither is better than the other.