André Bear

Freelance contributor

André Bear is a Nêhîyaw (Plains-Cree) writer and advocate of inherent & treaty rights. This year he graduated with his Juris Doctor of Law with a focus on Indigenous nation building theory. At 21 years old, André was appointed as an advisor to the Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations Canada for the implementation of TRC Call to Action 66. André most recently served on the Indigenous Bar Association Board of Directors and the Canadian Juries Commission.

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The James Smith Cree Nation tragedy reveals the critical need for First Nations-led policing

The tragedy in the James Smith Cree Nation has opened our eyes to the utter lack of safety provided to First Nations people on-reserve.

Indigenous Peoples must establish our own legal system in Canada

Like many law students, I began this journey believing I could make a difference by advocating for those still waiting to be heard. Nevertheless, even before law school, it was made clear to me that Canadian law is concrete and will likely never change.

Canada's 'wilful and reckless' treatment of Indigenous children continues

I remember being apprehended from my mother twice while I was a child. The worst part of the experience is seeing the look on mom’s face when you are taken away.
First Person

As an Indigenous sovereigntist, I will vote in this year's federal election

'I will vote in this federal election because I have witnessed how the decisions made by governments can determine the quality of life of Indigenous children,' says Andre Bear, the former youth representative of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nation.

Canada's justice system treats Indigenous peoples as inherently criminal. This is why I'm becoming a lawyer

My earliest memory of law enforcement was the death of Neil Stonechild.

Many people claiming to be Indigenous do not share our collective experience

Today, it’s seemingly easy for people to claim Indigeneity and “self-declare” by checking a box when applying for school.
First Person

How my adoptive father motivated me to revitalize Indigenous kinship law

My relationship with my dad was profoundly close, even though we were never related biologically. He was able to help transform my life and give me an important purpose — to uphold our spiritual law. 

Whether or not you support Bill C-15, Canada passing it would be an important time in our history

It is an exciting but controversial time for Indian country.

1 year after Stanley verdict: it's time to 'open the floodgates' and put an end to entrenched racism

The current relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in this province has not improved. It’s 2019, and it’s time we take education seriously when it comes to challenging ourselves to be better human beings.