Amanda Marcotte

Amanda Marcotte is a former CBC journalist. She is a freelance and creative writer, active in the special needs community and mom to a very special little girl.

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What's the story behind your street name?

From gophers as test pilots to 'lawn bowlers of note,' the history behind some Regina street names is quirky, according to a database the city keeps.
Point of View

My daughter's disease is terrible, but I refuse to hate it

Like an awful hurricane, I just stand in fear and awe and resolve to keep living through it.

I use plastic bags but I want them banned

Why do I keep using plastic grocery bags? Dear nanny state — please ban them.
Point of View

'If schools have gone soft, I for one am glad': The benefits of teaching kindness

"I have been bracing myself for her to be bullied. I have been bracing for schoolyard justice and exclusion. But so far, I see people going out of their way to embrace our family."

New Canadian gets ready to welcome 7 refugees from Syria

A man in Saskatchewan is getting set to become a Canadian citizen in the same week he will be welcoming seven refugees from Syria into his home.

A fireplace, two French doors, skylights and 160 square feet: Saskatchewan company designs tiny home

A designer from Regina is hoping his company's tiny home design will catch on.

Nostalgia and novelty behind the comeback of the cassette tape

One of the last audio cassette companies in the world says business is booming thanks to nostalgia and young people getting interested in tapes.

Poisonous and painful plants can burn skin, kill cows, shut down kidneys

There are some pretty extreme plants and mushrooms growing in Saskatchewan. Despite that, accidental poisonings are rare, and one expert wants to keep it that way.

Mom of crash victim calls for traffic lights on Highway 1

Two years after her 17-year-old son died on Highway 1, Wanda Campbell says not enough has been done to make the road safer. She is encouraging people to tweet all levels of government with #DyingWaiting.

Building with opera theatre, jail cells for sale in Sask.

A heritage building in Qu'appelle is for sale after the town decided it couldn't afford to refurbish the turn-of-the-century town hall.