Adeoluwa Atayero

Adeoluwa Atayero is a communications officer for CBC News based in Saskatchewan. Before moving to Canada, Atayero worked as a reporter, content manager and communications consultant in Lagos, Nigeria. He holds a masters in journalism from the University of Regina. @theadeatayero

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Local Music Project

These Sask. music lovers are spreading the good news about the province's music scene

These Saskatchewan music enthusiasts are doing their part to share the best of Saskatchewan's independent music.
Local Music Project

Saskatchewan's new generation of musicians draws inspiration from home and abroad

These young artists are forging their own paths and doing their influences proud.
Local Music Project

3 Saskatchewan women reflect on their journeys as musicians in the province

Anna Marie, Kristina Gasparic-Block and Rhonda Gallant-Morari reflect on their experiences as female musicians in Saskatchewan.

10-year-old entrepreneur turns love for snacks into product for family business

Watching her mom make snacks inspired Modesola to find a way to get those snacks into the homes of others.

Twin brothers in Saskatchewan rack up impressive stats in sports

Although they play different sports, the fraternal twins are committed to being champions.
Local Music Project

Finding a local connection key to success for musical duo

Formed in 2014 by Forrest Eaglespeaker supported by his partner Nevada Freistadt, The North Sound has seen so much success but it all began in their local community
Black in Sask

9-year-old Regina juice maker has sights set on owning her own restaurant

Na’illah Grant has taken her love for juicing to an entrepreneurial level.
Local Music Project

12 Sask. musicians changing the sound of the province

CBC wants to help local talent elevate their voices and get their music into more ears locally and beyond. The goal of the Local Music Project is to help introduce our audience, new and old, to Saskatchewan-made music any way we can.

Big oil forced Regina city council to back down from climate action: Report

Regina City Council was put under pressure by the fossil fuel industry to change a proposed climate initiative, according to a report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority joins growing list of organizations facing cyberattacks

Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority is investigating a cyber security incident.