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Adam Hunter is the provincial affairs reporter at CBC Saskatchewan, based in Regina. He has been with CBC for more than 14 years. Follow him on Twitter @AHiddyCBC. Contact him:

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Sask. boasts record number of surgeries performed, but tens of thousands still waiting

The Saskatchewan government says it set a new record for number of surgeries performed in a year, but more than 32,000 people are still waiting for procedures.

Sask. to require all employers to develop violence prevention policy

The provincial government has amended occupational health and safety provisions to require all employers to develop a violence prevention policy and investigate violent incidents.

Moe, Beck spar over growth narrative

Saskatchewan's 2023 spring legislative sitting centred around the question of growth and specifically how the provincial government is handling a larger population and higher revenues.

'Come get me': Premier Moe responds to federal minister on running coal plants past 2030

Premier Scott Moe said "come get me" on Thursday when asked about the potential legal ramifications of running coal-fired power plants past 2030 in violation of federal regulations.

Power struggle: Sask. premier calls federal aim of net-zero by 2035 'impossible' and 'unaffordable'

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe says the federal government's goal of requiring electrical grids to be net-zero by 2035 is "impossible and unaffordable."

Tax talk focus of Sask. legislative debate

Tax season may be over, but tax talk was the centre of debate inside the Saskatchewan legislature.

Sask. Opposition calls for 'snack tax' to be scrapped

Saskatchewan's Opposition is calling on the provincial government to help offset higher grocery bills by removing what the NDP is calling a "snack tax."

Sask. allowing municipalities to permit alcohol consumption in parks

The Saskatchewan government has amended regulations to allow alcohol consumption in municipal parks, if local governments want it.

Opposition Leader suspended from Sask. assembly after accusing minister of lying

Saskatchewan Opposition Leader Carla Beck was suspended from the legislative assembly on Wednesday after refusing to withdraw her remarks and apologize after accusing Minister Jeremy Harrison of lying.

Premier Moe launches re-election campaign as party faces criticism on multiple fronts

As Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe officially launches his re-election campaign, the education sector is calling for more operational funding and municipal leaders say they want the government to address homelessness.