Attempt to host NFL preseason game in Regina stopped short of the goal line

On Ice Entertainment says it will not be able to host a NFL preseason game and has released its hold on Mosaic Stadium.

Promoter On Ice Entertainment says game will not be happening

The Oakland Raiders and the Green Bay Packers will not be playing in Regina, despite hopes that the city could host an NFL preseason game. (Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

A NFL preseason game will not be happening in Regina, according to a company involved in the effort, even as the city and Mosaic Stadium indicated earlier today that they were prepared to move forward with the event.

"We do want to have the game here," Mayor Michael Fougere told reporters Friday. "It's just up to the promoter to get the finishing touches on a deal."

On Ice Entertainment sent a news release later in the day stating it will not be able to host a NFL preseason game in Regina and that it has released its hold on Mosaic Stadium. 

On Ice Entertainment thanked its "supportive" partners in Regina and Saskatchewan, and extended a particular thanks to Fougere for his efforts to bring the game to the city. 

"We will continue to work hard to bring future events to Saskatchewan," it stated.

It had been reported that there were talks to get Oakland Raiders and the Green Bay Packers in Regina for an exhibition game, but the date in question — Aug. 23 — had logistical problems as the Saskatchewan Roughriders are scheduled to play the next day.

Fougere said the one-day turnaround would be problematic from a field-preparation standpoint, but that moving the NFL game to Thursday could provide more time for a conversion.

Radio host John Gormley stated on air that the Roughriders had blocked the game.

Fougere said if and when the trigger is pulled on an NFL game in the city, it will be the City of Regina that makes the final decision but the city does have to take the tenants of the stadium into consideration.


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