Regina police budget includes armoured vehicle purchase

The Regina Police Service is looking at increased spending in 2018, including the purchase of an armoured vehicle.

RPS had previously been borrowing an armoured vehicle from the RCMP

Regina police had deployed a SWAT team at least 35 times in 2017. In cases where an armoured vehicle was necessary, it had been used on loan from RCMP. (Trent Peppler/CBC)

Part of Regina's police budget for this year includes the purchase of an armoured vehicle.

The RCMP had previously loaned their own armoured vehicle to police for use in situations such as a SWAT call, but there were times where the vehicle could not be obtained. 

The net operating budget would increase to nearly $78 million, an increase from last year's net budget of $75.6 million.

Regina Police Chief Evan Bray had previously told CBC there were times where the armoured vehicle had been requested for use but was unavailable. (Matt Howard/CBC)

Nearly $5 million has been set aside for capital spending in 2018, including $750,000 for the purchase of the armoured vehicle. Referred to as a tactical rescue vehicle, it was approved earlier this month in camera. 

The $750K portion of the spending also accounts for upgrades to a training facility used by the police, better body armour and a new bomb suit. 

Regina police deployed a SWAT team at least 35 times in 2017, which saw officers use the RCMP's armoured vehicle on several occasions.

At one point, Saskatoon police had to transport their own armoured vehicle down to Regina for a call, which also included the RCMP's unit.

Regina city council is set to discuss the budget at the end of February.