Anonymous for the Voiceless advocate vegan diets, animal rights

Anonymous for the Voiceless are taking to the streets to form 'Cubes of Truth' to show people where their food comes from. The demonstration is a bid to encourage people to pursue vegan diets and lifestyles.

The group declared today International Cube Day

Members of Anonymous for the Voiceless gathered at Victoria Park in Regina on a warm day, forming a Cube of Truth. (Submitted by Shelton Livingstone)

A crowd of masked people are taking to the streets today, not to cause chaos, but to advocate for vegan lifestyles and animal rights.

Anonymous for the Voiceless will be demonstrating in Regina, forming what they call a Cube of Truth. Four or so members of the group, decked out with Guy Fawkes masks, will hold screens or placards depicting slogans, images of animal cruelty and videos of the mistreatment of animals.

A member of the group forgoing anonymity is Shelton Livingstone, one of the events organizers. "It's basically just to show people what their food looks like before it's a nicely wrapped product on supermarket shelves," said Livingstone.

He admits the videos are challenging, but that's part of the point. "We show the truth, no matter what it is," he said. The people taking part in the event opt to hide their identity partly because of the scorn faced by people who forego animal-based products.

For Livingstone, opting to use terms like "pig flesh" and "cow flesh" instead of pork or beef is one small way he tries to change people's minds about eating meat. Though the event is a way to stoke compassion and encourage people to live a cruelty free lifestyle, he says cutting out meat from your diet has other benefits.

"If you go into a vegan diet, you use way less water. It's a no brainer, if you're an environmentalist you're obliged to go vegan," he said. He said he initially adopted a vegan diet "for the animals," but the greater environmental impacts of no longer eating meat are a huge motivator now.

This afternoon from 3 p.m. CST until 6 p.m. he'll be part of a Cube of Truth in front of the Cornwall Centre in downtown Regina, weather permitting.