Animal rescue group looking for help to halt dog cull

Regina-based group, CC RezQs, is making a plea through Facebook for help turning a stray dog cull into a dog rescue.

CC RezQs is asking for help rescuing stray dogs from a reserve

On one of their previous rescues, CC RezQs saved these two puppies on a reserve near Regina. (Caillin Rodonets)

An animal rescue group, CC RezQs, is making a plea through social media for help saving stray dogs from a cull.

"We have recently been informed of a community near Regina that will be doing a dog cull, or extermination of stray dogs," wrote Caillin Rodonets on the group's Facebook page. She's the director of the not-for-profit organization.

Rodonets said these lingering strays have been known to attack the locals as well as their children, pets and livestock. Sometimes the strays end up in peoples' homes, so the only way these communities are able to deal with that effectively is to exterminate the dogs. 

"When there gets to be a large number of stray dogs, it becomes a huge risk to the safety of the community," Rodonets told CBC News.
The condition of a malnourished dog rescued from Manitoba. (Caillin Rodonets)

"The reason that we're pulling these dogs off [the reserves] is because they're sick, injured, or at risk of being shot," she added.

Searching for foster homes

Rodonets isn't a stranger to the situation of stray dogs roaming reserves. Her line of work allows her to visit reserves on a daily basis. She said most of them usually have a dog cull one once a year and some have up to four per year.

"Some reserves are lucky and have 20 stray dogs. Some can have over 100 stray dogs running around. And the condition for the dogs – it's very poor," said Rodonets.

This will be the third dog cull that CC RezQs has answered to.

A small group of volunteers will be heading up to the community on Saturday to retrieve as many strays as possible.

Right now, the group is searching for foster homes for the dogs.

"We need people that are going to help us out by looking after these dogs while we give them medical attention that they need and find them homes," said Rodonets. 

Donations of kennels, wet and dry puppy food, food bowls, flea shampoo and leashes will also be accepted. 

For more information for ways to help and places to donate, click here.