Amazing images of grain elevator tear down in Coronach, Sask.

Grain elevator tear down produces amazing images.

An icon of the Prairies comes down in Saskatchewan's southwest

RAW: Grain elevator demolition (Brandon Therens/YouTube)

8 years ago
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Video by Brandon Therens of a grain elevator demolition in Coronach, Sask.

The demolition of a grain elevator in Coronach, Sask., began this week, one of two in the town about 225 kilometres southwest of Regina.

The work attracted the attention of many in the community.

It felt like an earthquake as the building hit the ground.- Brandon Therens

"I would estimate about 25 to 30 vehicles parked nearby to watch the giant building fall to the ground," Brandon Therens, from the area, told CBC News Thursday.

Police had blocked highway access to the area, as a precaution.

"It felt like an earthquake as the building hit the ground, shaking the ground beneath us with tremendous force," he added. "Following this a giant wave of dust swept across the surrounding area, carried by the brisk winds that day in an eastward direction."

Therens said his wife, who was a kilometre away from the work site, sensed the ground shake when the elevator toppled over.

"It was definitely a sight to see for the local residents here," he added. "Many people have remarked that it is unfortunate to lose such a landmark that has been a part of the community for so many years."

He said some people are also concerned about what will happen to highways in the area, as farmers will need to go a bit further to deliver their grain.

He said his three boys, 10, 8 and 6, were also "thoroughly amazed at the sight of such a structure falling to the earth".

Coronach, Sask., is about 225 kilometres southwest of Regina. (CBC)