All Future 40 winners announced

All the finalists have been announced in CBC Saskatchewan's Future 40 program.

All finalists have been announced in CBC Saskatchewan's Future 40 program.

The initiative recognizes up-and-comers under 40 years old in arts, politics, science, volunteerism and other fields.

Here is the complete list:

  • Evie Sawatsky, 30, an artist.
  • Christian Braid, 32, business leader.
  • Salmaan Moolla, 17, student and youth leader.
  • Carrie Catherine, 38, and Curtis Olson, 36, music artist and developer.
  • Stephen Maguire, 34, musician.
  • Dustin Browne, 32, youth supports coordinator.
  • Tomas Sierzycki, 25, mayor of La Ronge.
  • Jerrod Schafer, 35, mayor of Swift Current and investment professional.
  • Toaba Khelifa, 22, student and community activist.
  • Khurram Awan, 32, a lawyer and human rights activist.
  • Marc Kelly, 31, a law firm partner.
  • Rachel Mielke, 34, a jewelry designer.
  • Richard Carnegie, 30, a musician and orchestra conductor.
  • Melissa Fiacco, 28, a public relations consultant.
  • Brendan Turner, 26, a Saskatoon businessman.
  • MLA Jennifer Campeau, from Saskatoon.
  • Ryan Meili, 38, a physician from Saskatoon.
  • Janice Taylor, 37, an entrepreneur from Regina.
  • Tala Tootoosis, 29, a motivational speaker from Sturgeon Lake First Nation.
  • Jayden Pfeifer, 33, is a Regina-based performer.
  • Kendal Netmaker, 25, is an entrepreneur.
  • Dr. June Zimmer, 34, is a health researcher.
  • Kip Simon, 29, is a Regina business owner.
  • Ben Voss, 37, is a corporate president.
  • Jolene Higgins, 35, is a singer.
  • Jonathan Huntington, 37, is a manager and hockey camp organizer .
  • Thomas Benjoe, 27, is an account manager with the Royal Bank
  • Dale Zak, 32, is a software engineer.
  • Namarta Kochar, 37, is a project director and volunteer.
  • Taron Cochrane, 32, is an account co-ordinator and polka advocate.
  • Meka Okochi, 35, is an economic developer and former Regina mayoral candidate.
  • Travis Low, 26, is an executive director and advocate on behalf of those suffering from Parkinson's disease.
  • Alison Anderson,26, of Moose Jaw is the vice-president of business development with Masyndic Consultants Ltd.
  • Amy Matysio, 33, is an actress who's appeared in inSecurity, Corner Gas and other TV shows.
  • Eric Lee, 22, of Saskatoon, is a university student who's involved in the Idle No More movement.
  • Filipe Dos Santos, 38, of Regina, is a soccer coach and job coach.
  • Cam Broten, 34, of Saskatoon, is a member of the legislature and the recently selected leader of the Saskatchewan New Democrats.
  • Dustin Duncan, 33, of Weyburn, is a member of the legislature and the minister of health.
  • Kjelti Anderson, 24, of Battleford, is an artist and community worker who is the project coordinator for The Allen Sapp Gallery Healing Garden.

Other winners will be announced between now and March 22.