Turn left for craft beer: New map of Sask.-made alcohol launches

The Saskatchewan Craft Brewers Association and the Saskatchewan Artisan Wines and Spirits Association have launched an online map to help find microbreweries and distilleries in the province.

Users can now find the locations of microbreweries and distilleries at

A new online map shows users the location of microbreweries and distilleries in Saskatchewan, which industry members will hope encourage a visit. (Radio-Canada)

Finding Saskatchewan-made alcohol just got easier for locals and tourists alike.

On Thursday, the Saskatchewan Craft Brewers Association and the Saskatchewan Artisan Wines and Spirits Association co-launched an interactive map of showing the locations of microbreweries and distilleries across the province.

Users simply go to the website and click on the icon for the respective brewery. Information pops up about its history and operating tours, as well as when visitors should drop by.

Users of the website can click on the icon of a brewery for information like its history and operating tours. (

In a release issued Thursday, Shawn Moen, secretary of the brewers association and co-founder of 9 Mile Legacy Brewing Company, located in Saskatoon, said the hope is that the map will encourage people to wet their whistles with the province's craft offerings.

Both associations also point to how the craft brewing and distillery industries bring tourism dollars to the province.