98 snakes found in Regina-area home released to wild

Some 98 snakes that found their way into a Regina-area basement are back in their natural element.

Garter snakes snuck into a basement looking for a winter home

Snakes on the Plains find new home

8 years ago
Duration 1:26
After more than 100 snakes were removed from a Regina-area home, they were relocated to a nature preserve, Dean Gutheil reports.


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A slithering mass of 98 snakes that had found their way into a basement are back in their natural element after being released to the wild, just outside Regina Wednesday.

Megan Lawrence tips a bin to release 98 snakes to the wild, just outside Regina. (Dean Gutheil/CBC)

The story of the snakes on the plains began when they were discovered in the basement of an older home in the Regina area. Experts say it is normal for snakes to seek cozy spots that are below the frost line for winter hibernation.

We know there's more down there in the basement.- Megan Lawrence, Salthaven West

"I was a little surprised that there was that many actually," Megan Lawrence, from Salthaven West Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, told CBC News Wednesday. 

Lawrence helped the homeowner clear out the creatures, and even tended to a few with health issues. A total of 102 were rounded up. One snake appeared to have a broken vertebra, another seemed to have an eye infection and two more were acting sluggish. The four in poor health are still at Salthaven West.

The harmless garter snakes found their way through cracks in the soil and the foundation of the older home.

Wildlife experts released 98 garter snakes into the wild near Regina Wednesday. (Dean Gutheil/CBC)

The snakes were taken to an area northwest of Regina known as the Condie Nature Preserve and released to find a more natural winter home.

Lawrence added Salthaven West may end up having to return to the basement where the snakes were discovered, as she is sure they were not able to get each and every one.

"We know there's more down there in the basement we just can't get to them," she said. "I imagine over the winter we'll be taking in more."


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