9 people taken into custody by Regina police after 6-hour standoff

Regina police have nine people in custody after a six-hour standoff in Regina's Heritage neighbourhood.

Traffic was shut down along Winnipeg St From Victoria Ave to 11th Ave

Police have nine people in custody after a six hour standoff. (Alec Salloum / CBC Saskatchewan)

Police in Regina have nine people in custody after an early morning firearms call in the city's Heritage neighbourhood.

At 4:45 CST a.m. CST, police were sent to a home on the 1800 block of Winnipeg Street. Police blocked off streets and alleys in the area from Victoria Avenue to 11th Avenue.

While trying to communicate with people in the home police kept repeating over a loudspeaker "We aren't going anywhere," and, "We are not going away."

Throughout the morning an officer had a rifle aimed at the home as police tried to negotiate with the people inside. 

Over the course of the morning, people slowly trickled out of the home as police tried to communicate with those still in the home. One of the people that left the home came out with no shoes on his feet. 

As of 11:00 a.m. traffic in the area was back open and flowing. 

Police have not released any details on what charges those arrested will face or, if any of them will be charged with anything. 

One person in the home was taken to hospital by EMS. He was treated for injuries there then taken to police headquarters. 

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