50 guns reported stolen from Regina sports shop

Police in Regina say someone broke into a sporting goods store and took about 50 guns.

Police in Regina say someone broke into a sporting goods store and took about 50 guns.

Ammunition was also stolen.

The target of the break in was Wholesale Sports, a big box store in Regina's east end.

Police said they were called at 6:10 a.m. CST.

In a news release, a spokeswoman for the police said people in the community should be aware of the possible presence of the stolen goods.

"The Regina Police Service is advising the public of the possible presence of stolen firearms in the community and also requesting any information that could assist police as they investigate," Elizabeth Popowich, spokesperson for the Regina Police Service, said.

None of the guns have been recovered and police have not identified the thieves.

Popowich added that police do not believe there is any connection between the break-in and another early Tuesday morning incident that led to a home being surrounded by police.

Images from security cameras in the area may provide valuable clues for police.

Investigators also have the serial numbers of the stolen firearms and can follow-up in case any of the guns end up for sale, or are recovered by other law enforcement agencies.

The theft of so many firearms is has led to what police are calling a major investigation.

CBC News was told by a national firearms investigation officer that only one or two weapons thefts of this size take place in Canada each year.