5 places that are colder than Saskatchewan

It has been cold in Saskatchewan lately, but there are other places where it has been colder.

The recent cold spell, with numbing wind chills, has challenged even the hardiest Saskatchewan resident.

On Thursday morning, temperatures across the province were in the -30s.

Here are five notable temperatures, at around the same time, noted elsewhere:

  • Alert, Nunavut: -41.
  • The North Pole: -39.
  • Dzalinda, Russia (in Siberia): -51.
  • Vostak Station, Antarctica: -36.
  • Mars: -55.

The cold weather has led to record energy consumption in Saskatchewan.

The province's electric utility, SaskPower, said usage peaked Wednesday night, around the supper hour.

That's when 3,379 megawatts of energy were running into homes and businesses.

The previous record consumption was 3,265 megawatts on Jan. 18, 2012.

The provincial Crown corporation has the capacity to generate 4,100 megawatts.

Officials at SaskEnergy, the provincial distributor of natural gas service, said consumption has been high but still below its record established in 2012.

Newcomers' first winter

Experienced Saskatchewan residents know the deep freeze will not last forever and note it is a "dry cold".

But does that view help newcomers?

Ziad al-Husseini arrived in Regina from Saudi Arabia five months ago. He said cold is cold, no matter if it is humid or dry.

"It doesn't matter," al-Husseini said. "It's cold. It's freezing. It's painful."

He did add that he has learned to dress in layers and does plan to stay in Regina.