4th person charged in Regina shooting on May 5

A Regina man, 24, is now the fourth person charged in connection with a shooting earlier this month.

3 women also charged in incident that seriously injured man, 21

A man, 21, was shot outside a business on Dewdney Avenue in Regina on May 5. Police have charged an 18-year-old woman with attempted murder. Two other women and a man are also facing charges in the case. (CBC)

A Regina man, 24, is now the fourth person charged in connection with a shooting earlier this month.

On May 5,  a 21-year-old man was seriously injured on the 2900 block of Dewdney Avenue in the city's North Central district.

Police said he was outside a business when one of the occupants of a parked vehicle shot him.

Three women have already been charged — one of them with attempted murder. Their ages are 18, 22 and 22.

Police said the 24-year-old man arrested today faces multiple weapons charges, including discharging a weapon with intent to wound.

He was scheduled to make his first appearance in provincial court Monday morning.