'It could have killed my baby,' says mother of 4-year-old who accidentally ingested meth

A mother says her four-year-old daughter ingested meth after finding it at a campground.

RCMP confirm the substance found was meth, say they are investigating

The child's mother says her daughter thought the meth was glitter and tasted it. (Ontario Provincial Police)

A Saskatchewan mother has a warning for other parents after she says her four-year-old accidentally ingested methamphetamine over the weekend at a Saskatchewan campground.

The child's mother, Chelsi Melle, said her family was at the Boundary Dam campground on June 16 when it happened. The campground is located in Woodlawn Regional Park, about 200 kilometres southeast of Regina.

Melle posted about the ordeal on Facebook.

She said in the post that the the girl was surrounded by both her parents and grandparents at the time, but the incident happened in a matter of seconds. The girl found the drugs in a container on the road in front of the camper where they were staying, according to the Facebook post.

"She picked up a container she thought was white glitter, poured it on the golf cart seat and played with it," Melle wrote in the post.

Mother Chelsi Melle wrote about her experience on Facebook. (Chelsi Melle/Facebook)

The girl then tasted it. When she started spitting, her parents jumped into action, trying to find out what she ate and giving her water.

Melle took a tiny glass jar from the girl's hand.

The family rushed the girl to the hospital, with Melle saying the child was "not herself." At the hospital, the police took the container and later told Melle it contained meth.

You never think it will happen to your kid, in your small town.- Chelsi Melle

"It could have killed my baby," Melle said in the post.

"I'm so [grateful] she hardly put any in her mouth, that she spit it out. That today we didn't [lose] her."

She said these were "the scariest moments of [her] life," and she prays no parent has to go through the same thing.  

"I should have had more conversations about not putting stuff in your mouth. But you never think it will happen to your kid, in your small town."

Melle said in the post her daughter will be OK.

RCMP confirmed the substance was meth and said they are working with local police to investigate.