4 skateboard across Canada to fight breast cancer

Four 20-something guys from Winnipeg, Summerside, Toronto and Halifax are skateboarding across Canada to raise funds for breast cancer research.

Four 20-somethingguys are skateboarding across Canada to raise funds for breast cancer research.

Rob Lewis, 26, of Winnipeg, Aaron Jackson, 25, of Summerside, P.E.I., Benjamin Jordan, 25, of Toronto and Carlos Koppen, 26, of Halifax have been averaging 100 kilometres a day since they left Halifax in May.

The group — jokingly described by Jackson as a "bunch of little punk skaters" — said they have friends and relatives who have been touched by the disease and want to do their part.

"We decided to jump on the road and do what we do best," Lewis said.

After passing through Regina on the Trans-Canada Highway on Monday, they hit Parkbeg, Sask., Tuesday morning. They're expected to cross into Alberta on Thursday.

Raising thousands

The four have already raised $26,000 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, some of it through their Push forthe Cure website.

Some large rallies have greeted the boardersat stops along the way, Lewis said.

One highlight was Vankleek Hill, a small town in Ontario that cheered them on as they arrived in a driving rainstorm. They raised $10,000.

"We had a parade, we had a barbecue, the whole town was painted pink," Lewis said, referring to the colour associated with the fight against breast cancer.

Jackson said he has been transformed by the experience.

"It's been absolutely unbelievable," he said. "Like, most people don't get a chance to see generosity on a day-to-day basis. But, us four very young men have been lucky to see that. Like, I was looking forward to being a grumpy old man some time. I'm not going to have that luxury anymore. I've just seen too much good in the country now."

The four hope to finish their journey in Vancouverin October.