4,500 SaskEnergy customers affected by natural gas outage near Melfort

SaskEnergy is working to restore service to about 4,500 customers in the Melfort area who are affected by a natural gas outage.

Source of low pressure and outage due to failure in high-pressure transmission line

Service has been lost for some customers in St. Brieux, Kinistino and Melfort. Following repairs, technicians will go door-to-door to assist customers in relighting and restarting appliances. (CBC News)

The source of a natural gas outage in the Melfort area has been identified, and SaskEnergy is working to restore service.

There was a failure on a high-pressure transmission line in the middle of a farmer's field between Weldon and Birch Hills, according to Dave Burdeniuk, manager of communications for the Crown corporation.

"No idea yet how many customers we may lose, but we have isolated where the cause is," Burdeniuk said Wednesday morning. 

However, a news release issued later Wednesday stated that about 4,500 customers were affected.

Low pressure within the area was first detected around 4 a.m. CST Wednesday, he said. There's no concrete timeline on the repair completion, but repairs to the line could be finished sometime in the afternoon. 

Service has been lost for some customers in St. Brieux, Kinistino and Melfort. Following repairs, technicians will go door-to-door to assist customers in relighting and restarting appliances.

"Generally, for us, an outage is one or two customers, so when we have potentially a couple hundred or more customers impacted — that's big for us," Burdeniuk said. 

Workers will be in the area through the night to restore service at every home and business, he added. 

The cause of the failure has not yet been determined. Burdeniuk said it could be damage or a faulty weld from when the line was installed.

Anyone who is affected by the outage and is without heat is asked to call SaskEnergy at 1-888-700-0427.


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