RCMP share 24 stories about impaired driving in Sask. in 24 hours

RCMP took to Facebook to share officers' stories of impaired driving instances they have experienced while out on duty, or in one instance, grabbing lunch.

Campaign highlights more memorable impaired driving experiences by RCMP

RCMP say they charged 210 people with impaired driving in December 2015. (iStock)

As part of a campaign to slam the brakes on impaired driving in Saskatchewan, the RCMP shared 24 of its more memorable stories officers encountered on Facebook this weekend. 

Some stories were fatal, others happened during innocuous instances like grabbing lunch and too many involved officers having to swerve out of the way of an oncoming driver. 

On their Facebook page, Saskatchewan RCMP officers said they charged an average of nearly seven people per day for impaired driving, 210 in total, in December 2015. There were a total of 308 impaired drivers nabbed throughout the province that month. 

The stories started at 11 a.m. CST on Dec. 3. With each story, the message was always clear and always repeated: don't drink and drive. 

"Everyone has the right to come home safe," one post said. 

The RCMP said more than 190,000 people were reached by the 24-hour blitz. 

The stories come amid a tumultuous year in which impaired driving has been in the spotlight.

Early in 2016, a family of four was killed outside of Saskatoon when the vehicle they were driving was hit by an impaired driver.

During the summer, then-Saskatchewan Party MLA and minister of SGI, Don McMorris was arrested for impaired driving — while in a construction zone, at the time.

All stories can be viewed on the Saskatchewan RCMP's Facebook page.