Ricky Skaggs, Sharon White, Ry Cooder at Regina Folk Festival

Sandra Butel is excited about the 2016 lineup of the Regina Folk Festival.

Regina Folk Festival runs Aug. 5-7 in Victoria Park

Ricky Skaggs, left, performs with Sharon White and Ry Cooder, right, at the Americana Music Honors and Awards show in September, 2015, in Nashville. (Mark Zaleski/The Associated Press)

Picture a summer evening in the heart of Regina. The air is warm and smells like poutine and roti. You're lying on a blanket, or maybe dancing on green grass and you're listening to the wonderful sounds of live music. 

You may be day-dreaming about the upcoming Regina Folk Festival.

The 2016 lineup has been released. The event takes place Aug. 5-7 in Victoria Park.

"[It's] a real mixture for the ages and styles of music," said festival director Sandra Butel, who added she was very excited that the trio of Ry Cooder, Sharon White and Ricky Skaggs are in the lineup.

"Between them, they have 20 Grammy awards and [they] are very well known in country, bluegrass and rock music," she told The Morning Edition. 

Butel noted it will be a real treat for the three accomplished musicians to perform together.

"They're huge," Butel said. "All of them have their own careers. They're coming together to do this thing. That's never going to happen again."

Also in the folk festival lineup is The Head and the Heart.

"[They] are massively successful in the U.S. and the indie crowd is going to be very excited about them," Butel said.

 She noted she was especially excited to book a new band called Ginkgoa, which she called a discovery.

"One of the bands that I really fell in love with, when I saw them live in New York, was Ginkgoa," she said. "They're a combo of New York and France and it's going to be a super fun dance party."

Butel said Ginkgoa was formed about six years ago and is new to the music event circuit.

"I'm really excited for people to discover them because nobody has heard of them," Butel added.

The Regina festival is also highlighting a group from Montreal called Boogat who do Latin American music mixed with hip-hop.

Here is the line-up:

  • The Head and The Heart.
  • Ry Cooder, Sharon White and Ricky Skaggs.
  • Sam Roberts Band.
  • The Mavericks.
  • Bettye LaVette.
  • The Cat empire.
  • The Strumbellas.
  • Bobby Bazini.
  • The Barr Brothers.
  • Ayrad.
  • Boogat.
  • Terra Lightfoot.
  • Gingkoa
  • IsKwé.
  • The Wet Secrets.
  • Al Simmons.
  • Matt Epp.
  • The Royal Foundry.
  • Nick Faye and the Deputies.
  • Megan Nash.

with files from The Morning Edition