2 Regina elementary schools to close

Two elementary schools in Regina — Haultain and Dieppe — will close at the end of the school year, following a vote of the local public school board.
Tears were shed at a Regina public school board meeting, Ioana Draghici reports. 1:39

Two elementary schools in Regina — Haultain and Dieppe — will close at the end of the school year, following a vote of the local public school board.

The schools had low enrolment and were on the chopping block for months.

"I'm really sad because I've gone there since kindergarten and all my friends go there," Sarah Miller, a grade five student at Dieppe Elementary, told CBC News Tuesday night after the board made its decision.

Haultain School is one of two schools the Regina Public School Board is closing. (Leslie-Ann Kroeker/CBC)
The school board prefers schools to have 200 to 400 students, but Haultain has 108 and Dieppe has 107.

A report for the board said enrolments at the two were expected to stay low for a number of years.

"I don't think they are taking everything into consideration," parent Tina Miller said. "Can the school go on with the low enrolment? No, but I think there are other things that should have been investigated."

Dieppe School, which has 107 students, will be closed at the end of the current school year. (Leslie-Ann Kroeker/CBC)
Miller wondered if students from other areas could have been bussed to the schools.

Miller said her family moved to the neighbourhood around Dieppe to be within walking distance of the school and be able to go home at lunch.

School board members defended their decision.

"Ultimately we need to look at how many students are in that area," Katherine Gagne, chair of the board, said. "Our research says there isn't going to be any growth. The city of Regina is growing, but in those neighbourhoods we're not seeing growth."

Students from the closed schools will transfer to McLurg or Glen Elm schools.

The board said transportation will be provided, if needed.